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Mar 14, 2014

Ice & Decorate up to 7 Cakes a Minute with Unifiller!

The Cake Finishing Center from Unifiller is a computerized icing and decorating system that applies icing to the top and sides of your round cakes, then finishes the top and bottom with beautiful borders.

  • Minimal training required
  • Control Ingredient Costs
  • Avoid Injury or Strain from Piping Bags
  • Increase Product Consistency
  • Decorate up to 7 cakes per minute



Nov 18, 2013

Lebanese Bread Production

November 19, 2013

By George B. Gemayel  |  gpgemayel@hotmail.com

The Lebanese bread, with its healthiness, practicality of consumption and most of all its taste, is accomplishing a very rapid ascending trend worldwide. Dusseldorf consumes more than 720,000 loaves on a daily basis, Paris 420,000 , Athens 300,000 , Sydney 540,000 , etc…

There is always a market segment in any country already using the Lebanese bread or is easily acquiring the habit change of using it. And the perfect investment is to enter a raw market and establish leadership on virgin ground. Lebanese bakeries are performing overseas deliveries. Some are selling their brands name and franchise for multi-million dollars deal.

The Lebanese bakery has pita bread product range as its main one, in addition to more than 300 baked dough items that form a very...

Nov 30, 2012


Baker’s Pride offers both better-for-you and traditional sliced, packaged bread products that include Split Top Wheat, Whole Grain White, 100% Whole Wheat, 12-Grain, Honey Wheat, Oat Bran and White bread. All bread products are sold fresh with the capability to store production in a holding freezer.

The donut product portfolio includes both cake and yeast raised options including holes and filled varieties.

“We recognize that many retailers and manufacturers now have an immediate need for sliced packaged bread and donuts,” said Lou Mastriano, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Baker’s Pride, Inc. “Our facility has the capacity to service this need with excellent product quality and taste.”

The Baker’s Pride manufacturing plant is located in Iowa and near major cities such as St. Louis, Chicago and Des Moines with the ability to serve many states including Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and...

Nov 27, 2012


November 27. 2012 - OMAHA, Nebraska (AP) — ConAgra Foods (CAG) has agreed to buy private-label food producer Ralcorp (RAH) for about $5 billion, which will make it North America's biggest manufacturer of cereals, crackers and other packaged foods sold under store labels.


"Clearly, consumer dynamics have changed since the recession, and we expect growth in private-label food to continue to outpace growth in branded food," ConAgra CEO Gary Rodkin said.

He said the company remains committed to its brands, which include Chef Boyardee, Egg Beaters and Peter Pan.

Ralcorp's products include pasta, cereals, snacks, sauces and frozen bakery products.